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Welcome to Best Friends Animal Hospital!

Best Friends Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The professional and courteous staff at Best Friends Animal Hospital seek to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care for their highly-valued patients. 

We are committed to promoting preventative health care, responsible pet ownership, and educational opportunities for our clients. Best Friends Animal Hospital strives to offer excellent veterinary care for Bloomington, Minnesota and the surrounding communities. 

December: Give Your Pet a Safe Gift This Holiday Season

Your pet is a part of your family and you naturally want to include her in the holiday festivities, including giving her a new toy as a gift. At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we urge you to consider the following factors when choosing a present for your pet:

• Your pet’s size is a big consideration when it comes to giving him chewable toys. A small rubber ball may be fine for a poodle, but a large breed dog might choke on it. 
• Stiches, plastic eyes, ribbons, and ties attached to toys can quickly become a choking hazard if your dog or cat is able to get the item loose. Be sure to remove these items before giving your pet the toy to ensure her safety. 
• Your pet should understand the difference between his toys and items that belong to other people in the household.  One way to teach him what is safe to play with is to give him plenty of positive reinforcement when he reaches for his own toy. Pet-proof your home as much as possible so he doesn’t have access to children’s toys, TV remotes, office supplies, and other things that could hurt him if ingested. Be sure to take away items that aren’t his immediately if he does get into them.
• If you choose to give a stuffed toy, make certain that you know what is inside of it. Stuffing material and beads could both present a choking hazard if your pet rips the toy apart. It’s best to supervise your pet with any new toy until you know how she will interact with it.

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~What Our Clients Say~

  • I used to go to a different vet who will remain nameless. After a couple bad experiences I decided to try somewhere new. Best Friends had great reviews and was near me so I gave them a go. Now that I've been, I could move to St. Cloud and I'd keep them as my vet. The difference from my old vet in terms of both quality and cost was amazing. Best Friends is so great with my cat. I've seen both Dr. Gatto and Dr. Metzen and they are wonderful, and you can tell they care about their work. All the techs are friendly and very great with my little one as well. And the costs are like half of my old vet. I literally cannot recommend them enough to convey how great they are!

    R.H. - Facebook Review
  • My Great Dane Dana has been going to Dr. Gatto for years. She loves him and he takes awesome care of her when she visits him. He gives the best care to all the animals that trot through his office. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

    Kimberly H. (Facebook Review)
  • My dog Shadow saw Dr. Gotto since she was a puppy. We put her down a couple of weeks ago at the age of 12. She had diabetes, and over active thyroid and many many other heath issues. If it wasn't for Dr. Gotto and his caring staff, I know that I would of had to put Shadow down years ago. This is the BEST vet office, and I have and will continue to recommend this office for there animals. Thanks again Dr. Gotto, and Sue "the vet tech" for all that you did for my Shadow girl. I will never forget all you did for her :)

    Dana S. (Facebook Review)
  • Dr. Gato & his staff are amazing. They show pure love & compassion for your pet and all the animals. They made my decision of putting my kitty Cooser to sleep so much easier.

    Sheri L. (Facebook Review)
  • Cody sure will miss Dr. Metzen and Susie at Best Friends Animal Hosptal. You guys are rock.

    Ina C. (Facebook Review)
  • Dr. Gato and his entire staff are amazing.

    Pittiemom J. (Facebook Review)